Question: Style ...... do we have any of our own?

Long Answer: Let's face it, we're all inspired by our heroes. Our Border Morris heroes are teams like the Witchmen, Beltane Border and Hook Eagle (a bit of brown nosing always helps when you nick dance moves!!) No matter how many times we see these teams we can't get bored of them or fail to come away with some inspiration for our own dancing.

Also we have to mention the inspiration and confidence that trying it out first gave us. Dancing with Herbaceous Border at Sidmouth and later at Banbury and Bedworth gave us the bug and showed us that we can dance in public and live to tell the tale.

As for the rapper, we have our own style! We've been fans of the Newccastle Kingsmen Sword Dancers and Black Swan Rapper for some considerable time. They're GOOD! We're not! We like to do synchronised stuff with two (or more) teams. We have recently introduced stepping - previously we tended to tramp rather than step as we are often dancing on grass or carpet! We have been known ham it up like a cheap barn dancing tape and even do it blindfold!

Short Answer: So do we have style? Yeah, bucketfuls...