What history? - we've only just started!

The seed that grew into Lumbawakk was Thierry's family going to a couple of folk festivals in 2005. They found themselves following rapper and border sides round towns and dreaming of having a go! By luck, we joined a folk group and met up with Pete who taught us some rapper whilst out camping.

At the end of the camping season, unwilling to wait until the following year, Thierry got a set of shiny new rapper swords for his birthday. Being a teacher, he bullied some of his year 11's to have a go and the first generation of a rapper team was born. Then they left school...

Another summer holiday and more festivals, some of us danced with Herbaceous Border at Sidmouth and caught the border morris bug. A workshop with the Witchmen at Wallingford Bunkfest saw us learn our first dance and we were straight back home to press gang some more "volunteers" at school younger ones this time so that we could hold onto them long enough to brainwash them into a lifelong habit!!

...and so ... Lumbawakk was born!!

To help us grow, the school PTA bought us a school set of rapper swords in 2007 so we can do 'synchronised' rapper - well 'synchronised-ish' rapper - where one team waits for the other group to catch up before every move. It helps make the display a bit longer... and we get to laugh at each other...

During Easter 2007 we ran some workshops for our camping friends and got 4 sets of rapper almost synchronised for the showcase concert! In 2008 we went mad with displays and had SO much fun all over the place. See our Displays page - from the main menu.

In November 2008 we started our evening practices in Didcot. We have a great age mix and welcome new members - men and women. We currently have about twenty members - two-thirds youth and one third adults and we all mix and dance together. Between the adults and supportive parents of the youth, we seem to manage to get lifts organised so everyone can get to our dance outs.

If you want to join in - contact us via e-mail lumbawakk@sky.com. No obligation!!


Where is Didcotshire?

If you've been wondering where this place we go on about is, Didcotshire is the fasted expanding county in England. Its boundaries are increasing all the time as we go out and dance in around the country.

For those of you who don't know, morris and sword dancing in public is the best way of claiming territory. We believe the combination of border morris and rapper sword dancing outranks any other combination so as we travel around annoying entertaining locals in various counties, we claim their land for Didcotshire and it expands.

At present, Didcotshire extends from Sidmouth in Devon to Moria Furnace in north Leicestershire but as we get invited/gatecrash festivals and events further afield, so Didcotshire continues to dominate the land.