Lumbawakk have been having great fun at folk days/weekends, concerts and fetes with our displays.

Here are some pictures, video and audio clips of the events we've spoiled, oops, BLESSED with our presence.

Click on any photo to see more photos of that event if we have any.

September 2012 - Bunkfest
August 2012 - Sidmouth Folk Week
May 2012 - with Cry Havoc at The Plough, Appleton

May 2012 - EF International Language School Oxford

Students get taught a lesson in English Morris Dancing the Lumbawakk way.

March 2012 - Owlswick Ale

Lisa might look sweet, but she's a cannibal really...
March 2012 - Cry Havoc Ale
September 2011 - Wallingford Bunkfest
July-August 2011 - Sidmouth Folk Festival
July 2011 - Clanfield Tavern
June 2011 - Letcombe Regis Summer Fete
May 2011 - Abingdon Air Show
May 2011 - Bronwen and Glan's wedding
April 2011 - White Horse Ceilidh
March 2011 - Owlswick Ale
March 2011 - Earth Trust
March 2011 - 23rd Didcot Cubs
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Won Second Place
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February 2011 - Harwell H factor
December 2010 - Mokey and Minkey's Christmas Holiday
November 2010 - East Hagbourne Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
October 2010 - Didcot Cornerstone Arts Centre
September 2010
Stalking the Stalkers - Garston Gallopers
September 2010 - Wallingford Bunkfest
August 2010 - Moira Furnace Folk Festival
July 2010 - Sidmouth Folk Festival
July 2010 - Hendreds Pub Dance Out with Icknield Way
July 2010 - Meadows Day Centre
July 2010 - St Johns School centenary celebration
July 2010- St Nicholas School Wallingford
July 2010 - Barrow Lane Harwell
June 2010 - WittFest
at The Plough in Long Wittenham
June 2010 - Stoke Row Steam Rally
2010 - May - Blenheim Palace
Guiding Centenary Celebrations
2010 - April - Oxford Folk Festival
2010 - March - Owlswick Ale
Free photos and videos here!
2010 - March - Vale Islanders Ale
Photos and videos now available here!
click here? 2010 - January - Jess & Lisa's party night
2010 - January - Snow Sculptures
2009 - December - Our Christmas Party
2009 - December - Harwell St Matthews Church Ladies Group
2009 - November - Oxfolk Ceilidh Spot
2009 - October Wallingford pub dance out with Borderline and Cornucopia

Tom and Jamie showing great Lumbawakk attitude

2009 - September - Wallingford Bunkfest

Do contribute any more photos. In particular we need one or more of us being
gate-crashed by New Esperance!

2009 - July - St Nicholas Infant School Wallingford. We saw their performance of maypole dancing and they watched our booformunch of border and rapper and joined in with border and country dancing. We got GREAT thank you letters & cards.
2009 July - Icknield Way Morris Men's 50th Anniversary Day of Dance in Wantage
2009 June - Wantage Twinning Association at the Pack Horse pub on Milton Hill with Vale Islanders and Old Speckled Hen
2009 June -16th Birthday Barn Dance
2009 June - Federation Schools Day of Dance - James' birthday
2009 June - Manor School Fete and Barrow Lane Street Party Harwell

2009 March - Owlswick Ale

2009 January - North Oxford Folk Dance Club - Burns' Night


2008 December -Wallingford Medieval Evening

Thankfully a dry evening, well organised, with town crier, HUGE puppets, knights, maidens, market stalls, late night shopping and lots of ambience! We danced and danced all around the town and even managed to get some free cakes. Spoke to a man called Alan who we hope will join us at Lumbawakk. Various photographers - please e-mail us any photos you took!

2008 October -Friends and Family Barn Dance

Fantastic fun with Dave Jolly calling

2008 September - Conkers

We played conkers.

2008 September - General Elliot Pub Folk Day

We joined 5 other sides for a day of dance at South Hinksey near Oxford.

2008 August - Wallingford Bunkfest

Doing dance displays at our very first folk festival was daunting, but proved to be great fun.

2008 June - Mad Week Outing 4

Our madness reached new depths - four local displays in eight days. We did a display at Meadows Day Centre for 30 enthusiastic elderly people. They all had percussion instruments and their carers all joined in Tinners Rabbit. A brilliant, if low-ceilinged, afternoon.

2008 June - Mad Week Outing 3

We entertained fostered and adopted children and their families at PACT's Summer Picnic at Harwell.

2008 June - Mad Week Outing 2

We joined in the Didcot Federation Schools Day of Dance - over 100 primary school children at South Moreton Primary School.

2008 June - Mad Week Outing 1

Having been rained off for the last two years and almost rained off this year, we actually made it to the St Birinus Summer Barbecue and put on a good show for all the mummys and daddys! One dancer slipped right over on the wet grass and Sam M did a melodeon interval performance for us.

2008 June - St Ives Carnival

After dancing the full 2.5 mile route at St Ives Carnival (near Cambridge) our Lumbawakk camping crew were shattered. Next time, we'll walk more and dance less. Our spot (booked by phone) in the arena never made it to the MC's programme so we just ate hog roast sandwiches instead. So - not bad, and lessons learned...

2008 May 1st - Long Wittenham May Day

Local children sang at the village cross then we walked to the Plough garden for an hour of us, Maypole dancing and some barn dancing.

Play a video clip of "Noughts and Crosses"

(Full dance 13MB)

Play a video clip of the rapper

(Full dance 16MB)

2008 April - Spring Concert St Birinus School

One year after calling ourselves Lumbawakk, here we are again.We performed a new dance written by us "Noughts and Crosses" and our first rapper sequence where we tried the stepping!! A great evening that left us buzzing.

2007 October -Halloween White Horse Ceilidh

A great evening at a great event. Our first invite to a "proper" do with real folkies. Lumbawakk did the entertainment spot to give folk a chance to catch their breath. We performed "Just as the tide", a rapper set and "The Fairy Dance". Great evening, great crowd. Photos below (click on image for larger picture.).

Play a clip of the border dance "The Fairy Dance"



Play a clip of the rapper display

2007 July - Harwell Fete

The team started to act like old hands at this and we used our own battery amp for the first time. Another half hour spot in idyllic countryside surroundings. Lots of great support and enouragement. We lost the tug of war (which made Josh M scowl) and we won the title of 'Jolly Good Sports' in the fancy dress - but no prize...

Quotes of the day include

" You're as good as the professionals I saw in Somerset" (Thierry's mum)

"W-h-y   a-r-e   y-o-u-r   h-e-a-d-s    o-n   f-i-r-e ?" (Fete dalek)

Play a video clip of "The Fairy Dance"

2007 July - Didcot Federation Schools Day of Dance

A grand day out for six of the village primary schools around Didcot. Lumbawakk went and showed that morris dance is cool to the potential morris dancers of the future. They got the message! And our tall lads loved joining in the barn dances on the playing field with all the little ones...

2007 June - Northbourne School Fete

First school fete booking for the Didcot based team and they were brill. Lots of good reviews and support. Memorable moment - the little lads in the audience copying our final Hoy with their newly won inflatable electric guitar toys!

2007 May - Brailes Village fete

The camping crew have done rapper here for several years but not as Lumbawakk. This year we treated the villagers to some border as well. Great moment - when the black dog started barking at us! Guess he wondered when we were going to throw the sticks for him to fetch...

Play a video clip of the rapper display

2007 April - Spring Concert at St Birinus School

The newly named Lumbawakk did rapper and border at this event. We did our first showing of The Fairy Dance and a rapper sequence with a somersault!! Josh B nearly took out Hazel, her music and her accordion on landing. Next time we're going to put her closer to the dancers so we can get sweetie money from an outtake show! Great evening - great reviews - a fan even uploaded it onto youtube!!

2006 September - Folk Rock Concert at St Birinus School

We performed our first public display at a folk rock concert at St Birinus School in Didcot. We didn't even have a name then! We did a Witchmen dance "Just as the tide was flowing". We did this one about the same time with the caravanners in the wild at Aspley Guise - dancing in the muddiest part of the field adds to the fun.