We are a lovely bunch of people - we have some young and foolish ones, old and wise ones, old and foolish and one or two who are young and wise. What we have in common is a love of dancing and an addiction to having fun in public.
Health & Safety Warning: the facts on this page can not be guaranteed to be entirely accurate, partially accurate or even possible.

Thierry - Joint Squire and Foreman. Dancer and musician (guitar).
Thierry is a passionate recycler and reuser - of introductions and jokes, especially the synchronised rapper introduction and the three legged pig joke.
Knowledgeable, decisive, friendly and encouraging, Thierry is a bit of a rapper sword and border anorak.
Thierry does not know his Right hand from Left hand so calls them Stick Hand and Not Stick Hand when teaching border morris dancing. Luckily he can read fast which is useful for karaoke - he does a demon performance of "It's not Unusual" with Simon.

Hazel - Joint Squire and Foreman.
Musician (piano accordion) , dancer, musical director, web-updater, dance instructor, PR officer, make up artist, costume maker, caterer, non-stop bossy boots and George's hair-controller.
Has taught advanced rapper from the comfort of her reclining chair - how good is she?

Our members include:

Alan - Dancer and musician (piano accordion and melodeon).

Studying Physics at Warwick Uni where he is also band leader of the folk society's ceilidh band and dancer/musician for Warwick Rapper. He plays in The Night Before, a Coventry based ceilidh/contra band and can often be spotted in scratch bands too!
We know him as Captain Accordion! Scarer of small children, large children, adults, dogs and other livestock, he was the first team member to get verbally abused by a member of the public during a performance.

Bonk - Dancer.

An Ecology student at Exeter Uni.
Bonk is a willing, adventurous soul who likes exploring and the great outdoors.
Great light-footed style of border stepping. Reliable and proficient rapper sword dancer too. And he calls the dances really well too. Good Bod is Bonk.
Known as Bonk becuse Josh can't read Hazel's writing.
We used to paint a scar on his cheek to distract people from staring at his scary hairy moustache which has now fallen off..

Hollie from Yorkshire danced with us at Sidmouth 2011 & 2012.

Jess - dancer and self appointed adviser to the Squire.
Jess is a veteran of disguise. She has appeared on a push bike dressed up as St George, Mary Poppins, a Plague Rat, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, an elf on a toadstool and Queen Eleanor (the Banbury Cross lady). She's often quiet except on the rarest of occasions when she is uppity. Jess is the first person Hazel turns to when she's trying to blame someone else for her mistakes. Jess knows more karaoke songs than anyone else in the whole wide world - whoaaaa.

JoshM - Dancer

Maths student at Exeter Uni.
Observes a lot. Thinks a lot. Says a lot. Does a lot. Accomplished. Responsible. Well, 5/6 ain't bad - we leave it to you to get to know him to judge which one you think he's not!
Given the new name "Clare Media" in March 2011 on the day they'd been doing a particularly interesting sex education session at school... and he told us he's got the pants to prove that he had his tackle tested - bright yellow and tight apparently. Belly danced at Wallingford Bunkfest - irresitable fun guy.

Karen danced with us at Sidmouth 2011 & 2012...

Lisa - Dancer.
Lisa spends most of her time in her bedroom eating crisps. She claims to be a vegetarian - she doesn't eat meat. But she doesn't like mushrooms or watercress, so surely she can't be a proper vegetarian. Perhaps she's a crispatarian.

Lisa has been making a spectacle of herself in Wallingford since her 1st carnival when she was 3 years old, her bike was a jumbo jet and she was a pilot. Since then she has been a pirate, a princess on a unicorn, a fire engine, Harry Potter, a pussy cat and a train driver. Now she's most often in Lumbawakk gear dancing her socks off with a monkey on one arm. Good at choosing great songs to sing when we did a karaoke night.

Lissa - Dancer and musician (violin).
Fabulous fiddler.
Can just about do anything - border dance, rapper dance, play music - is there no end to her talents? Actually yes, she's not great at tidying up after herself. We must give her more practice.
A real team member - willingly fits in whenever needed, a real asset to the group. :) And you should see her karaoke moves!

Lynda - Dancer
Dancer and salt of the earth.
She's a brave lass, fearless and shameless too.
Lynda is full of fun and is a pleasure to be with on a dance out.
Won the "Most Rubbish Raffle Prize" at a caravan meet in May 2010
- a box of Celebrations that was out of date, opened, padded with tissue paper and all the Bounty's removed then resealed. Quality Tat!

Minkey - New from Sidmouth 2010. Minkey is instantly recognisable from other Lumbawakk members because her bandana badge has bananas on it. Minkey dances with Lisa and sometimes with Aunty Jess. Minkey likes squeaking to the "huh" in Noughts and Crosses and likes to play games with Mokey. Her favourite foods are mentos and bananas. She loves her new tatter coat. One of her favourite games is messing up Sue's hair.
Mokey - Our team mascot.
A veteran of Sidmouth Folk Festival 2008 who dances with Lissa.
Mokey made friends with Ellie Owl (Owlswick's mascot) and got rather drunk at Owlswick Ale.
She can be unreliable - she slept in so didn't make it to Sidmouth 2009 or Bunkfest 2009. At Sidmouth 2010 she danced with Lisa's Minkey and everyone celebrated Mokey's 2nd birthday with a cake and a party and a card and a present and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Sally - dancer.

Sally is a truly caring soul - she is always one of the first to sign up for events and is signs up for almost all of them. Having folk danced for donkeys years, Sally has joined Lumbawakk and has discovered what she has been missing. We thrilled to have her with us.

Sid - Dancer.
A quiet thoughtful man, has good ideas.
Handles the sticks and swords like a natural, dances well and is a great whooper-upper-er and grunter.

Our Saga lout is a Superman who dances in the face of pain!

Simon - Dancer and Hottest Karaoke Host - speciality is "Touching Songs"...
With an incredible ability to learn and with actual superhuman powers, Simon dedicates his life to combatting day-to-day crimes of lethargy and indifference. He endures constant mental torture from these workmates who do not have lives of their own. But Simon is made of sterner stuff and is a big enough man to recognise when someone's just jealous. Perhaps we should run a special workshop for them and let them see how much fun sticks and swords can be, and that our only use for hankies is for mopping up the blood.

Attitude? Shedfuls!!!

Sue - Dancer and Most Entertaining Karaoke Chick in songs like "Shout" and "Air Hostess"!
Sue is a very attentive, helpful pupil and we are delighted with her progress. She is especially good at encouraging others. With continued concentration, she should do well in life. Well done Sue, it's been a pleasure having you in our class again this year. Keep up the good work.
And now she's learning the piano accordion too - very quickly.

Willow - danced out with us at Sidmouth 2011 2012
Caravan crew - Dancers and musicians. We have a number of folk with caravans and nothing sensible to do at weekends who dance with us. If there is a fete, carnival or a kindly pub nearby, we're happy to dance there! If not, we use the field we're camping in. Here we are at St Ives Carnival in July 2008, with Sid and Lynda striding out at the front of the set while Mike finds the only spectator and gives him a wave!
The following dancers seem to have strayed from the path, but we have loved them being part of our crew and would welcome them back anytime..

Diana - Musician (piano accordion) and dancer

After knowing us for seven years and occasionally dancing with us at caravan meets and in our very early days, she's finally been persuaded to join us properly and is proving to be a real asset. In those early days she earned the title of the only person we have ever 'cut to dripping' during rapper - perhaps that's why it's taken her a while to return! She's doing really well at learning tunes and starting to play them without using the sheet music. Dianas hobbies include gardening and exhaustive dog-walking as well as short-distance and long distance grandchild-doting.

Dot - Dancer, trainee musician!

Dot's special skills include rubbish wild bus driving and helping Roger with his rubbish puppet shows. Yes she specialises in educating us peasants about rubbish. Fortunately, she herself is anything but rubbish.
Recruited for accordion lessons at an Elastikk Band barn dance at the Earth Trust (formerly the Northmoor Trust) in 2010, Dot was easily persuaded to come and get younger with Lumbawakk.
Has never been known to go more than a minute without smiling or laughing - especially when singing romantic karaoke songs to Keith.

Awesome George - Dancer and musician (melodeon).
Banned from drumming with Lumbawakk for health reasons. (His!)

George has hair which is rather like black sheep's wool except it smells nice. Hazel managed to tame it and confine it to it's bandana for the first time at Abingdon Air Show - which made George look more "old and wise" than his usual "young and foolish" self!

He takes nothing at face value -he is very good at asking questions we don't remember the answers to like "Why do we paint stripes on our faces?" and "Why are they red and black?" He's a bundle of fun who brings sunshine to every field.

Helen ...at her first dance out with Lumbawakk - the Abingdon Air Show in 2011. Has a husband who has an eye for a good photograph...

Joanne - dancer
Sorry this isn't a particularly flattering photo - especially if you roll your mouse over it!!

With several years experience in quilting, Joanne Rabbitts offers quilting workshops and products to people interested in buying or learning to quilt. Her workshop is located at Lorne Hill Farm in East Garston (Hungerford) and the farm is also a nice flat Caravan Club certified location with lots of animals, beautiful views. And the sun always shines there... She bakes great cakes too.

John - dancer and musician (concertina)

John's many talents include playing his home-restored concertina, singing and playing ukelele. He likes going for walks with his dog Pippa, weeding his veggie patch, his weekly swim and enjoys family with his wonderful wife, his children and adorable grandchildren. The only vice we know about is chocolate biscuits - "Only one chocolate biscuit Grandad" as he is reminded daily.

JoshB - Dancer

Commonly known as Panda. One of the first of many members to join the team during school break times. An untrained gymnast but does most impressive back flips during our rapper displays and usually lands on his feet! A comedian at heart and a friendly personality to go with it.

Keeps leaving and returning - we hate it when he leaves, but love it when he returns - hence his new nickname for March 2011 "Gone or 'ere", the same month as he became our first dancer to have done half a dance at a dance-out!

Keith - mainly dancer, part photographer and keen and uninhibited karaoke-er!

Good with sticks - he is a mighty morphing Power Ranger leading a mission to bash scrub, look after birds and knows all about the nightlife of Snelsmore Common. The name Keith means 'woods', 'forest' or 'windy place' - so it might sum him up more than we realised!...

More often seen behind the camera than in front of it, Keith looks better in real life than in this photograph. Actually I'm not so sure!

James - Dancer
Spends much of his time doing lines - not the naughty sort, the thespian sort.
James is a real grafter, not afraid to work for what he wants to achieve, so he juggles lots of different activites.

Andrew- Dancer.
Our wannabe Marine, Andy is in arduous athletic training - regularly running and running and running just trying to get away from Josh.
Made a magnificent appearance at Icknield Way's birthday - with smock and bonnet... and has twice got us invited to the exclusive Barrow Lane summer do.

Tom - Dancer.
Solid, dependable, accomplished and reliable.
This young man speaks softly, carries a big stick and will go far (like Theodore Roosevelt 1903).

Anita -
A firm supporter for several years, Anita turned her hand to dancing for a year or more. She's a real busy-bee and sadly for us has decided to leave Lumbawakk. She had done great cakes for us on special occasions, given lifts, painted faces and been a huge support for Hazel on many occasions.

Jamie - Dancer
member of the team to have got bitten by a dog on a dance out - Oxford Folk Festival 2010.
High fuel consumption, low emissions yet very reliable with excellent performace standards.
0-60mph in 2.1 seconds. Fuelled by chocolate.

Has an identical twin he sends to practices when he can't make it himself.

SamC - Dancer.
Seen here as Tibbles the Cat.
Following popular demand he made some excellent public appearances and is a solid rock of the mountain of talent and skill that is Lumbawakk. When he's there.
Confident and competent. But rubbish when he has played football and his legs hurt...

Peter - dancer
Peter is strong and tough. He is a blooming quick learner at the dances. A real asset - but not around at the moment.
Due a comeback.

Ben M - alias "Lord Mabbett XIV Please".
Dancer. Danced "properly" before joining Lumbawakk, and still dances Cotswold with Icknield Morris.
Despite this, he dances the border and rapper well and shows exceptional talent at hamming it up.
Mr Greedy because he can't seem to get enough of the morris.

Sam - Has a hard head with ears that go a nice shade of red when a stick catches them. Ouch! It is widely believed that he will become a grumpy Technology Technician when he is older. Sadly lost to the skateboard and rounders crowd at present.

Matt - Dancer
Often sports a Harry Potter scar when dancing with Lumbawakk.
Charming, witty, handsome and having recently completed his O.W.L.s, Harry dances with us muggles
as a break from fighting the evil Lord Voldemort. He certainly puts a Wingardium Leviosa into his step-hop and a Stickio Repario when necessary.

Stephen - Dancer.
Having been our unofficial photographer for 4 years, Stephen has finally seen the light and joined the team properly. It is great to have him on board, and we appreciate that he still manages to take good photos for our website. Working hard to learn the different dances, concentrates and is doing well.

Luke - Dancer and long overdue a career comeback. Unflappable enthusiast but has a tendency to hide under tables. Otherwise quite normal. Recycling maniac and worships Dick Strawbridge. Maybe not quite normal like the rest of us then. Mr Bump - accident prone chappie!